Tovární 906/44
Olomouc, 779 00
Czech Republic

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The engineering and design company RAVOZ was founded in 1991. It originated from the independent projecting division of the state-owned enterprise Strojobal, one of the leading manufacturers of machinery for food industry in the then Czechoslovakia.

From its very inception, the company specializes primarily in design and supplies of malting technologies, silo and storage management, crop treatment for agricultural cooperatives etc. The staff of the company comprises of highly qualified employees and a stable circle of external workers. The company can lean on its extensive archives, top-quality computing and reprographic technology as well as up-to-date facilities.

The manufacturing program is always defined by the scope of ongoing projects; however, since 1993 the company has been producing the malt mill MS 160/160 in larger series, designated namely for microbreweries. Nearly 70 of these machines were sold to date and they work trouble-free in factories on demanding markets such as in Japan, Germany, Norway, Russia as well as in China, Vietnam, Philippines or Mongolia.

In July 1997, the first RAVOZ malt roaster marked PS 600 was manufactured and put into operation in Slovakia, producing 600 kg of roasted malt per cycle. Four years later, in 2001, a complete roasting plant with capacity of 800 kg of roasted malt per cycle was supplied for a Russian customer. It was the new-generation machine with completely new control system and pneumatic control. Since then, a considerable number of complete malt-roasting production units in varied configurations and capacities have been supplied all over the globe (see REFFERENCE section).

In May 2002, development and manufacturing of 3-box micromalting plant with automated control and data output was finished; another significant enhancement of this equipment was implemented in 2016.

Company name: RAVOZ spol. s r. o. (Ltd.)
Address: Tovární 906/44
779 00 Olomouc
Czech Republic
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Executive director: Ing. Radovan Prokeš
manager - company secretary